Culture Vulture: Fashion Designer Tamara Pogosian

Tamara Pogosian Limited Edition Logo Collection/ $35

With a logo based on an ancient Armenian coin found after doing research for several months, boutiques in New York City and Philadelphia, custom orders and an Etsy shop, fashion designer Tamara Pogosian is one busy and passionate woman.

Getting her start in the industry by working as an assistant for the women’s and men’s design teams at a sportswear company while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Pogosian grew up in Russia, and now lives in New York, though her Armenian roots have always had a part in her life and work.

Although she studied piano, ballet and gymnastics, her painting classes were the only thing that felt natural to her. Pogosian faced a slight language barrier when she moved from Russia to New York, but she soon overcame it to attend Parsons School of Design, where she walked away with an outstanding portfolio and transferred to FIT, where she improved her sewing skills and also took courses in graphic design.

She spoke to ianyan about her past, present and future.

Q:How does being Armenian play a part in your designs?

A: I was brought up Armenian even though I grew up in Russia. My family always encouraged my siblings and I to speak Armenian at home so we wouldn’t forget our language. After living in New York for almost 17 years, I still remain an Armenian. Although, I might be spoiled with the lifestyle in New York, my heart belongs to Yerevan. I love New York, the city of dreamers & achievers, for the opportunities & challenges it has brought me because I have been able to grow as an individual and as an artist. I love Moscow for the education I received and the training to develop my artistic skills as a young painter. Nonetheless, my logo is based on an Ancient Armenian Coin, which I found doing research for several months. In this search, my goal was to find an icon/symbol that can represents my work, heritage and what I stand for. The symbol of the intertwined birds represents “Love and Unity.”

Tamara Pogosian 2009 Collection/$800

Tamara Pogosian 2009 Collection/ Crinkle chiffon wrap - $350, made-to-measure 3 button twill suit - $1500

Q: Is there anyone you admire in the fashion industry?

A: To an outsider, the industry seems cold & pretentious but I have had the pleasure of meeting & working with some of the best people in the industry. One of them is my long time mentor, Head Designer at my first Assistant job. Sherri Sandfort-Semon is amazingly talented. She trusted me with the work, although I was still in school.

Tamara Pogosian 2009 Collection/Georgette fly print neck tie - $160, sequin skirt $260, sequin pleated halter dress - $300

Q:What do you hope to accomplish with your designs?
A: I had wanted to be part of this world, the “fashion world” since I was 12-years-old, having no prior experiences to base my passion on, after so many years of dedicated work, sacrifices put towards this goal, I am happy that I can still continue to design. I hope that I will have the opportunity to dress more women & men worldwide because I am as passionate about designing as I was when I first started.

Q:What future projects

A: My Logo inspired Limited Edition Collection will be featured in an independent film due to begin shooting next month. I am styling an editorial, co-producing Fashion Shows and

being a featured designer with GiovanniStyle in New Port and Boston. Of course, NY Fashion Week is on the horizon. I am looking into participating in The Project Show in Las Vegas. Also looking for corporate sponsors for Fashion Week and high-profile events we have coming up. Amongst all this, I am constantly looking for new boutiques to carry my collections.

Pogosian isn’t a one trick pony- she also manages operations, marketing, production and at times sales.  Many don’t realize how much work goes into having your own line, she says.

As for her favorite designers, Pogosian loves Armani for his impeccable ability to cut a silhouette,Diane von Fürstenberg for her strength in dressing independent women, Tom Ford for his vigorous eye for design and advertising and Betsey Johnson for her playful charm.

These are pioneers of fashion in my time of growth, to whom I turn to follow my dream. They deliver flawless collections & continue to inspire young designers from season to season.

Photos courtesy and  © Tamara Pogosian/Credits:

Logo Inspired Collection – Designer; Tamara Pogosian, Photographer; C.Stephen Hurst; Hair Stylist, Sarah Kim; Make-up; Diana Manzanares; Creative Direction and Styling, Anush Studios

Spring/Summer 2009 Photo Shoot with Porsche – Designer; Tamara Pogosian featuring Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet; Photographer; Christel Bangsgaard; Photo Assistants; Thomas K. Beczynski, Juan Sevillano, Taylor Greenwood, Stylist; Julie Bobek; Hair Stylist: Gianina Contin & Sarah Kim for Leonard Golino Salon; Make-up Diana Manzanares; Creative Direction & Graphics, Anush Studios



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