Listen to This: Diane Minassian and Vincent Baguian’s French-Armenian Duet

French-Armenian musicians Diane Minassian and Vincent Baguian come together for a stunning duet of “Je Suis Une Tombe” meaning “I am a Tomb,” a traditional Armenian song (“Hingala) performed in French and Armenian.

Diane Minassian is a French-Armenian singer from Marseille, who was a member of an Armenian choir for 17 years. She is the female voice of the musical group “Sassoun.”

Vincent Baguian also hails from France. Before he began his career as a singer in 1991, he worked at an advertising agency where he designed albums, most notably those of French singer Serge Gainsbourg. His latest album, “Ce Soir C’est moi qui Fais la Fille” or “Tonight, I am the Girl” was released in 2007 by Mercury Records. Listen to more of Baguian’s music through his Myspace page.



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