Median Day of Lent: Mijink

Armenian culture carries with it many traditions, ranging from particular foods eaten on certain holidays to procedure during events such as weddings and christenings. The sacred time known as Lent in many Christian denominations is no different. Apart from the fact that it is tradition to abstain from any type of animal product including cheese, milk and eggs for the 40 days of Lent and also the special food eaten on Easter, there is a special day known as Mijink or Median day of Lent. It symbolizes the first half of Lent that has passed.

In many Armenian households, it is tradition to bake (although most probably buy) unleavened cake and place a coin in the dough before baking.The cake used is usually Gata, a sweet, flat cake that contains Koritz, a layer of textured filling.

After baking, the cake is cut into pieces for each person in the household, leaving an extra piece for “the house.” Folklore has it that the person who receives the piece with the coin in it will have a successful year.

Happy Mijink!

Photo via Kermanig Bakery



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