MTV Cribs: DanDeegeen House Diva Edition

The clip that you’re about to watch below is going to make you laugh. A lot. I guarantee it. You see, you know this woman, especially if you’re an Armenian Los Angeleno. You know her, you’ve seen her, you’re probably even related to her. She is DanDeegeen House Diva extraordinaire, and she’s about to invade your space, force feed you pita and feta sandwiches, show you her BMW and grape leaves from Fresno, all the while being armofabulous.

Actress and playwright Lory Tatoulian (DanDeegen) and director Sevag Vrej from Pomegranate Pictures collaborated on “DanDeegeen MTV Cribs” which premiered at the “Big Bad Armo Show,” a comedy show written, performed and directed by Tatoulian where nine actors portrayed just about every Armenian imaginable on April 17 to 19 and May 1 to 3.

DanDeegeen invites you into her humble Glendale abode and shows you around her entire house, including her Holy Grail, the kitchen of course, in the same fashion that celebrities parade their expensive and luxurious places of residence on the popular series, “MTV Cribs.” The best apart, aside from DanDeegen’s ridiculously amazing outfit and antics, is the host, Trey Diddle, who looks like a cross between “Pimp My Ride’s”  Xhibit and Lebron James (minus the height).



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