Overheard on the Net: Princesses, Cab Drivers and Halloween

by Thomas Frederick/Creative Commons

by Thomas Frederick/Creative Commons

  • Why do all Armenian chicks try to dress like Kim Kardashian even when they weigh 300 lbs?
  • Armenian princesses get on my nerves. Shut up before I knock you out with your own UGGs and steal your daddy’s Benz.

I wish the question and comment above had a simple retort, but it doesn’t. Why do (many) Armenian girls dress this way? It is a conundrum that has concerned me throughout my life. Why do things like “Armenian Princesses” or Jewish or Italian Princesses for that matter exist? Usually thought of as materialistic and self-serving women who come from a luxury lifestyle and pampered background, the term is used in a derogatory manner, and there are plenty of Armenian women in Glendale who I can objectively apply this term to. But why do they do it? Most certainly to get attention, perhaps because they have some kind of complex, who knows? Why do women who aren’t tied to an ethnic group behave that way? Certainly some of the blame can be put on the media, and the appeal of “socialites” who will remain nameless.

  • I hate how Armenians can skip school on that Armenian Genocide Day. Like, other ethnicities have had a genocide and don’t WHINE about it!

Wow. To be fair, many who don’t come to school on April 24 actually do nothing but watch television in their pajamas all day long with a big bag of potato chips, but obviously this youngster doesn’t know or care about not only the Armenian Genocide but other worldly matters. What he/she may not know is that there is in fact a Holocaust Remembrance Day called “Yom Hashoah” that fell on April 21 this year. Colorado also passed a “Genocide Remembrance Day” this year in relation to the Genocide in Darfur.   What’s interesting is the fact that this was said in November 2009, a clear six months since April and also six months before the commemoration takes place again. Clearly, whoever wrote this gets annoyed easily.

  • Cab driver on the way to the gig is an old Armenian man blasting Billie Jean and hauling serious ass while sniffling some sniff

I am seriously starting to think that these Armenian cab drivers are where all the action is. They seem to have an affinity for 80s music, that’s for sure, so perhaps a profile on them is in order.

  • Good last-minute costume idea: dress as the old lady in front of me in line hacking coughing and yelling into her cell phone in Armenian.
  • I’m an Armenian. I’m dressed like a D-Bag w/ jewelry, bathed in cologne and I keep talking about how great I am.

It struck me as pretty interesting how not one but two people I came across on Twitter consider being “Armenian” a costume. Have we become outlandish enough that we double as inspirations for costumes on Halloween? All signs point to yes. Although things that are “overheard on the net” should generally be taken with a grain of salt, they still deserve attention. Once we decide to pay attention to commentary like this  and ask ourselves why someone would have said it in the first place, only then can we try to change things.



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