The Street Shoe Project: Stops in Vanadzor and Tbilisi


The Street Shoe Project has been on the road, making stops in Northern Armenia in the town of Vanadzor (Kirovakan) and even crossing borders to Tbilisi, Georgia. The high-heeled phenomenon continued outside of our base in Yerevan, more notably in Armenia than Georgia, where less towering shoes were seen. The presence of so many shoe repair shops in Armenia are now starting to make a lot more sense and shock is being replaced by worry – when the high heels are dusted and put away (if ever), do the back problems settle in?

Vanadzor/Kirovakan, Armenia

Tbilisi, Georgia

While we will continue to take add to our street shoe projects, we’ve love to feature any you might have from the South Caucasus. Email us photos with proper credit to



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