The Yerevan Street Shoe Project


Tell the high heel loving girls of Yerevan that their shoe choices have been known to cause some serious medical problems in the form of torn ligaments and broken ankles, and they’ll probably shrug it off with a chuckle. For the thousands of women who wear the platforms, wedges and pencil heels among the (sometimes) wobbly streets of Armenia’s capital so effortlessly, the allure of the high heel is too good to pass up – whether it means wearing them on a night out with friends, to school, the supermarket or just strolling down the street.

Born out of the fascination of  the heels around Yerevan, and the women who easily glide down the street with them on, The Yerevan Street Shoe Project aims to document this phenomena all summer long. Follow along on Flickr, or look for occasional  updates here.

All photos by L.Aghajanian/ © ianyanmag



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