Wide Angle: An Armenian Summer


Before the chilly winds and snow sets in, here’s a short look back at summer in Armenia via mobile photographer and PicPlz editing software, where the vodka flowed from North to South and thunderstorms in the evenings were a welcome relief from the unforgiving sun.

A toast in Vanadzor, Armenia's picturesque northern city

Republic Square, Yerevan

Graffiti in Gyumri

Sponge Bob SquarePants on Northern Avenue, Yerevan.w

Feta olive sandwich - a perfect summer pick-me-up at SquareOne, Yerevan.

This just might be the coolest bus in the world.

A statue of Frunzik Mkrtchyan, a popular Soviet-era actor in Yerevan.

Love on a bench in Sevan.

Animal activists stroke a stray dog during a march in Yerevan.

Early morning at Zvartnots airport, Yerevan.

Photos  © ianyanmag.com



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