As an independent and alternative news source for Armenians and those interested in Armenian affairs, we are all about providing ethical, objective reporting as well as commentary from viewpoints not commonly seen in Armenian media.

We seek to provide a resource that fosters exploration into a variety of subject matter and give voices to the voiceless.

If you are interested in contributing, please keep in mind the following:

  • Ianyan is a labor of love and those who do contribute do it out of their passion for what they’re covering as well as a desire to write. We unfortunately are not in any position to pay at the moment, although we would love nothing more than to do so. What we can offer is a platform to express yourself and a byline to call your own.
  • Completed articles are welcome, however they normally shouldn’t run over 1200 words.
  • All articles are subject to copy editing, fact-checking and occasional rewrites
  • You do not have to be Armenian to contribute – in fact, we welcome journalists and commentators from any and all backgrounds.
  • All pitches and submissions can be sent to editorial [at]