Armenian Alphabet Comes to iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’re interested in learning Armenian or you need to brush up on your alphabet like me, no need to fret – the Armenian Alphabet Match, an application for iPhones and the iPod Touch as arrived. Structured like a memory game, Armenian Alphabet Match reveals the location of the letters, leaving the matching up to you.

Created by Paloul Media and released on Aug. 4, 2009,  the Armenian Alphabet Match lets you accumulate points based on how quickly you get through each level. It can be purchased from the iTunes store for $0.99.

Surprisingly, Armenian Alphabet Match isn’t the first of its kind. “Armenian Alphabet” by Andre Khromov, an application released in March 2009, is a tool similar to flash cards that remembers which letters you might be having trouble with and which you excel at. It currently has a four out of five star raiting on iTunes and goes for $0.99 as well. “iStudy: Armenian Alphabet” is a similar tool to “Armenian Alphabet” but costs more, at $1.99.

Whichever application you enjoy, it’s nice to know there’s something about there for those wanting to learn Armenian on the go.



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