Infographic: The Importance of Armenian Genocide Recognition


On April 24, members of the Armenian Diaspora gathered in cities across the world to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the 1915 Ottoman Turk slaughter of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians. In Armenia, thousands paid their respects by laying down flowers at Yerevan’s Armenian Genocide memorial, Tsitsernakaberd. In an unexpected display, commemorations also took place in several Turkish cities, including Istanbul, where at least 1,000 people gathered to read out the names of Armenian intellectuals who died in 1915.

The Armenian Genocide has been a contentious topic in Armenian and Turkish circles. The former struggles for recognition and justice because the latter’s government denies any genocide took place. The cause of genocide recognition is seen as a priority for the Armenian Diaspora, who, formed because of the genocide, still live with the pain of their ancestors. But does this cause remain a priority for all Diasporans? What about residents of Armenia, who struggle with poverty, government corruption and closed borders with two out of four neighbors? While the Turkish government denies the event and usage of the word “genocide,” how do those of Turkish descent in Turkey or elsewhere feel about addressing what Armenians demand justice for.

We conducted an online survey of around 135 Armenians and those with other ethnic backgrounds about how important, if at all, Armenian Genocide recognition was to them.

While not scientific, and not representative of “random” Armenians in Armenia, the diaspora as well as those of Turkish descent, it was an interesting experiment to see what those close to the  Ianyan network felt about the issue.


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Special thanks to Katy Pearce for survey analysis

Design and Illustration by Keegam Shamlian



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