The Big Picture: Armenia, in Black and White

A short look into life and scenery in Armenia through black and white:

A man prepares to cook meat in a fire pit

A Soviet era truck overlooks the mountains in Kotayk province

An Armenian resident prepares for a cold winter. Winter weather in Armenia varies around freezing point

Scenery passing Lake Sevan, one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world

Armenia Hotel in the town-resort of Jermuk

Books on sale at Vernissage, Armenia's open-air market

The world's longest tram way in Armenia, which runs to the 9th century Tatev Monastery

Yerevan's only mosque, the 19th century Blue Mosque

A farmer in the village of Gndevaz

A black and white cat approaches from behind a truck

A hot mineral spring in Jermuk, said to have medicinal properties

A lamb seen from a distance in Vayatz Dzor province

A bench in the capital of Yerevan reads: "Keep our city clean."

The rickety metal stairs leading down to the pit at Khor Virap Monastery where it is said that Saint Gregory the Illuminator, was imprisoned for 13 years by King Tiridates III of Armenia.

All photos by L. Aghajanian/© ianyan mag



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