Overheard on the Net: Mustaches, Glendale and Inclusivity

Creative Commons/by Thomas Frederick

Before I get into this, just a friendly reminder that I am not making this stuff up. People write this. Seriously.

  • I get pissed off when Indian and Armenian women have mustaches that would make Chuck Norris jealous.

I can’t help but laugh. So many things that I “Overhear” or more accurately, “Oversee” are about hair and grooming. Armenians are hairy. There, I put it out there, again. We. Are. Hairy. On the other hand, women, that’s no excuse to get into a mustache war with Chuck Norris, ok?

  • Just got a new mersadees lmao I’m so Armenian!

That spelling was kept intact. I weep for the future.

  • I’m at a mall in Denver that’s an Armenian’s dream.. Rinestones, tigers, & the smell of douchebagery

I weep for the future, again.

  • I thought Armenians can’t talk 2 ppl outside their race. This Armenian was super excited to get my number!

Sad. Sad that Armenians have perpetuated this way of thinking so much, that someone who is not Armenian knows it. Work on your social skills, Armenians. The world wont bite you, I promise. Diversity will not lessen your Armenian-ness , it will enrich it.

    • The Armenian translation of the word Glendale is: Heaven, but the regular person translation of the word Glendale is: HELL

    I’ve heard this before. Some like to affectionately refer to Glendale as “Glenhell.” I like to take it all with a grain of salt. I can completely understand why someone would not like Glendale, I’m usually one of them. But it’s a nice, clean, friendly place – it defies your normal Los Angeles stereotype, even if it is Little Yerevan.



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