The Big Picture: Expect the Unexpected in the Armenian Realm

A few unusual photographs with Armenian-related subject matter.

Ortaköy Mosque, originally built in the 18 century was rebuilt in the 1850s. Its architects were Armenian father and son Garabet Amira Balyan and Nigoğayos Balyan/Creative Commons/by Vince Millett

A colorful cart on a street of the Armenian quarter in Jerusalem./ Creative Commons/ by AnyaLogic

A Molokan in Fioletovo, Lori Province. Molokans are a Christian sect who evolved from Spiritual Christian Russian peasants/Creative Commons/ by Rita Willaert

Foregoing the traditional limo, or over the top Hummer limo used by many Armenians, a wedding party in Toronto rode to their venue in a school bus/Creative Commons/ by rasdourian

The strange towers over the Armenian auto shop and strip mall, Little Armenia, Los Angeles/Creative Commons/ by Clinton Steeds

The Armenian Mouflon. This group of wild sheep, with a near threatened status as ranked by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, is still being advertised for "hunts" on several websites/Creative Commons/by Just chaos

an Armenian Church, or what remains of it, in Turkey/Creative Commons/by jilliansvoice

The Armenian Basket Flower/Creative Commons/ by Photofarmer



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