Watch This: Taste of the World Festival Features Armenia

With such a large Armenian population, having just one Armenian Festival in Los Angeles is impossible. In true Armenian fashion, it was Pasadena’s turn to play host to a two-day cultural event that featured arts, crafts, culture and food.

Hosted by  DJ, author and World Music expert Tom Schnabel of  popular independent radio station KCRW fame, the “Taste of the World Festival: Armenia” brought a diverse crowd to the open-air arena of the Paseo Colorado complex, where Armenian families gathered to hear performances by dance troupes and musicians such as jazz singer Arthur Ispirian and Armenian wedding favorite, Harout Pamboukjian.

While the “Taste of the World Festival: Armenia” was the first of three “Taste of the World” events that will take place in the year, it was also an opportunity for ianyan to delve deeper into multimedia with a new video feature. This is the first of many videos we aim to bring on a wide variety of subjects including news, interviews and features. Watch festival participants like artist Lusine Babakhanyan from Armenia, as well as Armenian-culture enthusiast Schnabel in our clip below.



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