Overheard on the Net: Hairy Chests, The Armenian Problem, Virgins

by Thomas Frederick/Creative Commons

by Thomas Frederick/Creative Commons


Let’s get right into these, shall we?

  • Why do armenian men never shave their fucking chests, but always manage to miss the top 5 buttons on their shirts? leaving a chest hair pie

Many, if not most Armenian men are hairy. Accept it. Learn it. Love it. Embrace it. There’s nothing wrong with being hairy if you’re a man, and although I don’t think it’s a good idea to shave your chest because you’re distraught over your beastly qualities, it IS a good idea to cover it up. If you’re having trouble in this arena, I suggest you read this handy dandy article by GQ, which will explain the wonderful world of chestiquette.

  • According to the lady sitting next to me on the plane, LA has an “Armenian problem”

I should be a bit shocked, but to be honest, in this day and age, there’s little that shocks me anymore. Los Angeles doesn’t have any more of an Armenian problem than it does a “Mexican” problem or “Filipino” problem. It is a mult-ethnic and multi-cultural city with immigrants from all over the world. Nevertheless, this lady is probably referring to the notion that I’ve heard many a time: Armenians are lying, cheating and stealing thieves who live off welfare checks, yet drive German luxury cars. Stay tuned, ianyan hopes to explore these notions in the near future.

  • I need 2 find an armenian teenager girl 2 babysit my daughter 2nite. I don’t have to worry about boys since they have 2b virgins @ marriage

Oh, you’d be surprised. It doesn’t bother me so much that this person feels this way, as much as it does that they actually put it out on the internet for the entire world to see. Twitter is an amazing tool, but it’s also great at showing the ignorance and stupidity of the world, and a perfect example of that appears in the statement above.

  • Every Iranian Armenian, Jew, or Bahai I’ve come across are beautiful human beings
Right back at you.



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