Wedding Event in Karabakh Marries 700 Armenian Couples

On Oct. 16, 2008, 700 Armenian couples were married in Artsakh. The ceremonies took place in St. Ghazanchetsots church in Shushi and Gandzasar monastery.  The weddings were followed by a dinner, issuing of certificates and wedding gifts in Stepanakerts republican stadium. The main sponsor of the vent was Armenian-Russian businessman Levon Ayrapetyan.
The couples were given banking cards with a $2500 balance in Armenian Dram (AMD) and would also be rewarded for any future children: $2,000 for the first child, $3,000 for the second, $5,000 for the third, $10,000 for the fourth, $20,000 for the fifth, $50,000 for the six and get ready – $100,00 for the seventh. What an incentive!
Watch the video of the celebration below, it’s truly fascinating.



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