Infographic: Hrant Dink in Numbers


Six years after Turkish-Armenian journalist and editor of Agos Hrant Dink was gunned down in Istanbul, hundreds of thousands of people across the world have continuously gather to honor his memory, a trial has seen his shooter jailed while requests have been made to overturn a verdict that ruled out the involvement of any organized criminal network behind his murder.

Though there have been great strides to improve Armenian-Turkish relations in the years following Dink’s untimely death, setbacks haven’t been uncommon. There were those protocols, which disastrously failed, an Armenian Genocide bill in France that increased tensions and several assaults on ethnic Armenians in Turkey, including the murder of one of the Istanbul Armenian community’s oldest residents, eerily reminiscent of Dink’s murder.

As debate and policy stir on, here is a short infographic with some important numbers to remember and resources to read up on when it comes to Dink and his legacy.

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