Overheard on the Net: It Isn’t Easy Being Armenian

Creative Commons/by Thomas Frederick

Love and marriage, or you know, just marriage, chest hair and gold chains – it isn’t being Armenian. Just check out a few of the thoughts overheard on the net below:

  • I’m so tired of my family and friends asking me when I am going to have a kid. Being Armenian is not easy
  • Mom’s neighbor just saw me w/ my puppy & said, “Get married & have babies already, forget the dog!” Gotta appreciate old Armenian ladies..

Armenian women of the world, unite and repeat after me: There is no specified time line you need to follow in terms of love, marriage or children. Contrary to popular Armenian belief, you are not less of a person if you decide to get married after you’re 25 or if you decide that kids aren’t for you or if a big wedding with the entire population of let’s say, Glendale is not your thing. You are your OWN person, you do not need anyone pressuring you into the sometimes stressful pitfalls of marriage and children. In fact, don’t get married. Don’t have kids. Do what you want and don’t let anyone, Armenian or not, tell you otherwise.

  • Armenian laughs at gay man’s purse, I laugh at Armenian’s gold chains, gay man laughs at my shoes. The circle of life is complete. #lionking
  • Someone on FB asked if there are Armenian Tamales. I said if there are, they’re wearing velour track suits w/ nice dress shoes. #JUSTSAYIN

I can’t explain the affinity Armenians have for velour track suits or gold chains. I can’t even come up with reasons for why a cultural group would be attracted to certain clothing or accessories so much that they slowly become defined by said items. One thing is for certain however, if I ever decided to start a “What Not to Wear: Armenian Edition,” you better believe I would not be in any dire straights to find potential candidates.

  • These two grey hairs on my chest make me look like a distinguished Armenian rug.




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